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Barbell Biceps Curl = Close Grip ( बरबेल बायसेप्स कर्ल क्लोस ग्रिप )

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Barbell Curl ( बारबेल कर्ल )

Step 1:

1. Bicep curl exercise is a very good exercise for health.

2. In this exercise, along with the hands, the feet are also exercised.

3. Great for strengthening the bicep muscles

Only good

4. Stand holding the rod with both hands, facing towards it and having weight in them, after that you lift that weight. hands down

5. Do this exercise 15 times.

Barbell Biceps Curl = Close Grip ( बरबेल बायसेप्स कर्ल क्लोस ग्रिप ) step २

Barbell Biceps Curl Close-Grip

(Barbell Biceps Curl – Close Grip)

Step 2 :

1. Stand holding the rod close to you with both hands.

2. In front, take both the hands towards the chest.

3. Then slowly bring the hands towards the feet.

5. Do this exercise 15 times.

Barbell Biceps Curl – Prone ( मार्बल बाइसेप्स कर्ल प्रॉन )

biceps curl – prone)

Step 3:

1. Lie down on the bench with the support of your chest.

2. Holding the rod in both the hands, keep the hands towards the ground.

3. Bring the rod forward towards the head.

4. Then slowly bring the rod towards the ground.

5. Do this exercise 10 times.

Bicep curl ( बायसेप कर्ल )

Step 4:

1. For bicep curls, you need a dumbbell or an empty can used at home.

2. Stand up straight.

3. And fold your hands and bring them near the shoulders.

4. And then move down.

5. You can do this exercise fifteen times.

6. If you are having difficulty in taking both hands together, then you can also take both hands separately.

Standing Cable Carl ( स्टैंडिंग केबल कर्ल )

Step 5:

1. Before doing this exercise, rest for at least 20 seconds.

2. Keep your arms straight.

3. Hold the cables on either side with both hands.

4. Pull these cables behind your ear.

5. All the work should be on the biceps, not your arms.

6. Exhale while pulling the weight and inhale while exhaling.

7. Do not leave your body loose.

Barbel Preacher Curl ( बारबेल प्रीचर कर्ल )

Barbel Preacher Curl


Step 6:

1. Preacher curl helps us to build strong and big biceps.

2. Having the right amount of weight is essential for the full effect of this exercise.

3. A weight of 20 kg on the rod will be sufficient.

Concentration Curls ( कांस्टेलेशन कर्ल }

Step 7:

1. The concentration curls workout makes your biceps super strong.

2. It can be done sitting or standing.

3. If you have back pain, avoid doing it while standing.

4. Do concentration curls continuously

5. Get stronger biceps with biceps workout.


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